About the film

This film is about a woman who has a Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis. The first time she tried to kill herself, she was five years old. Now she is 45 and hell-bent on trying to live – most of the time.

She reacts on impulse, attacks, distracts, meditates, offers social commentary, trips over herself, laughs, judges, burns bridges, makes social gaffes, apologizes, loses her cool, philosophizes and remains dogged in her search for recovery.



Rebbie Ratner


Pascal Troemel, Sara Zandieh, Anita Gabrosek, Rebbie Ratner


Rebbie Ratner, Suzanne Mitchell

executive producer

Barbara Kopple


Timo Ellis, Roger Greenawalt


February 28: Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Missoula MT

April 9 & 10: Sarasota Film Festival

April 11: University of Texas at Austin, Austin TX

April 23: General Psychiatric Management Workshop, New Orleans LA

April 28: Mt. Sinai St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, New York NY

May 7: McLean Hospital, Cambridge MA

May 19: Tara for Boderline Personality Disorder, New York NY

June 29: Patient-organized screening for CITPD participants, New York, NY

July 31: Woods Hole Film Festival. Falmouth MA

August 4-7: American Psychological Association Film Festival. Denver CO

August 31 & September 4: Portland Film Festival, Portland OR

December 15: Crest Westwood Cinema, Los Angeles CA – 7pmBuy Tickets



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